Does Applied Behavior Analysis work? Take a look at what people are saying.

I can now say he is a success story. This never would’ve happened without your efforts and [vet]. 10 months later he is a different dog.

— PC

I’m so pleased and have told many friends about you and about the difference a behaviorist can make. I’m a believer!

— KB

He’s like a different dog! He’s so calm!

— Friend of Owner (HK)

There is a noticeable difference.

— CW

[He] isn’t attacking [other dog] like he did [before].

— LM

I’m so glad we called you!

— MT

Doing a lot better…calmer… People have been noticing a big difference.

— KL

I’ve been wanting to tell you how great our [dog] has gotten since last June when you helped us Thank you for increasing my sensitivity to his needs, and for teaching us how to calm the little bugger.

— SD

Making progress!

— DS

There have been no incidents in the last two weeks.

— MJ

[Doing] very well. No more incidents!

— HF

What a different dog!…It’s not difficult. You just gotta take the time.

— TJ

Responding well!!!…Thanks for everything.

— DM

No aggressive incidents..90% more comfortable with him.

— KS

Great!…He’s acclimated!

— CS

It’s amazing!

— EJ

Improvement! Improvement! Improvement!

— DT

[Poor behaviors are] trending down!

— NY

I can’t tell you enough how helpful your tips have been!

— BP

With regard to referring the client to Carolyn Kocman: My vet said, “She’s the best!” 

— AM

[Behavior modification is] going wonderfully! …We feel so much more at ease leaving her alone now.

— JM

I see her improving.

— RR

Wonderful!…I’m really happy with how quickly it turned around!

— JF

I am over the moon and consider this success!…We thank you immensely for all the tools and suggestions that you gave us.  If we can ever provide a reference for you, let us know.

— KT

You have been a great help to me. Not sure what I would have done without reaching out…

— DG

Drastically improved!

— RS

We have seen tremendous progress over the last month…We definitely feel encouraged and are seeing amazing improvement. …I wanted to thank you so much for your support when I was feeling doubtful.

— AF

He is doing very well…a night and day difference. He is definitely much, much calmer.

— RS

Friends have noticed the change in her. She’s a different dog! and I don’t know what we would have done [otherwise]. You were a Godsend!

— JG

Thank you so much for all of your help with [dog’s name].  We no longer experience the frustration we felt while struggling to potty train [her].  We greatly appreciate all your help.

— LW

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