How successful is this method?

Take a look at what people are saying:

He’s like a different dog! He’s so calm! — friend of owner (HK)

There is a noticable difference. — CW

[He] isn’t attacking [other dog] like he did [before]. — LM

I’m so glad we called you! — MT

Doing a lot better…calmer… People have been noticing a big difference. — KL

I’ve been wanting to tell you how great our (dog) has gotten since last June when you helped us…Thank you for increasing my sensitivity to  his needs, and for teaching us how to calm the little bugger. — SD

Making progress!–DD

There have been no incidents in the last two weeks. — MJ

[Doing] very well. No more incidents! — HF

What a different dog!…It’s not difficult. You just gotta take the time. — TJ

Responding well!!!…Thanks for everything. — DM

No aggressive incidents..90% more comfortable with him. — KS

Great!…He’s acclimated! — CS

It’s amazing! — EJ

Improvement! Improvement! Improvement! — DT

[Poor behaviors are] trending down! — NY

I can’t tell you enough how helpful your tips have been! — BP

With regard to referring the client to Carolyn Kocman:  My vet said,”she’s the best!” — AM 

[Behavior modification is] going wonderfully! …We feel so much more at ease leaving her alone now. — JM

I see her improving. — RR

Wonderful!…I’m really happy with how quickly it turned around!  — JF

 I am over the moon and consider this success!…We thank you immensely for all the tools and suggestions that you gave us.  If we can ever provide a reference for you, let us know. — KT

You have been a great help to me. Not sure what I would have done without reaching out… — DG

Drastically improved! — RS

We have seen tremendous progress over the last month…We definitely feel encouraged and are seeing amazing improvement. …I wanted to thank you so much for your support when I was feeling doubtful. –AF

He is doing very well…a night and day difference. He is definitely much, much calmer. — RS

Friends have noticed the change in her. She’s a different dog! and I don’t know what we would have done [otherwise]. You were a Godsend! — JG

*Professional references available upon request.

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