What to expect

You may be wondering what you can expect when you pursue behavioral treatment for your pet. Is it just training? What is involved?

Behavioral treatment is not just training. While applying some basic positive reinforcement based training methods in the treatment, it is much more than simple training. Applied Behavior Analysis is a method whereby the principles of learning are applied in order the make behavioral changes in the individual. It is often used in the treatment of children with challenging behaviors. However, it has been discovered that this method is easily applied to pets.

Functional behavior analyses are performed in order to determine the function of the pet’s behavior, i.e. what the pet is getting out of performing the behavior of concern. The information obtained from the functional behavior analysis (FBA) is then used to determine an appropriate replacement behavior to teach the pet.

When you pursue treatment for your pet’s behaviors of concern, your pet will be assessed and you will be taught some basic training techniques to get you started. When the behavior professional returns to your home with the behavior plan, she will provide a full demonstration of all methods to be used and answer all questions to get you started on the right path with your pet. Carolyn will continue to provide support and necessary services until your pet’s behavior is back on track. So you never have to go it alone!



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