A Pet Behaviorist Here to Serve You in South-Central PA.

You can change your pet’s behavior.

Yes, you.

It starts by finding out what’s driving your dog, cat, or other pet. Then, we give you the tools you need to address the root cause a behavior plan as a guide.

Behavioral treatment is not just training. It’s more. Applied Behavior Analysis is a method often used with children. Turns out, it applies to animals too.

Your life doesn’t have to be defined by these common pet behavior problems:

  • Dogs or cats with anxiety issues—shaking, hiding, scared of fireworks or thunder
  • Pets with compulsive behaviors—tail chasing, licking
  • Animals with home-alone issues—chewing, barking, whimpering, destructive, peeing, pooping, litterbox, potty training
  • Cats or dogs with social issues—hyper, sniffing butts, barking, jumping up, climbing on furniture
  • Dogs or cats with aggression—growling, nipping, snarling, biting, attacking hands or feet, guarding food, fighting
  • Cats or dogs with destructive behavior—chewing, scratching, marking, crate training, destroying furniture or bedding
  • Dog or cat attention-getting behavior—pawing, barking, acting up, whining, whimpering, crying, jumping, yowling
  • Treatment for other issues—leash walking, predatory behavior, humping

It’s far more than pet training. It’s owner training that addresses root issues.

Get serious professional intervention for your pet behavior problems.

  • In-home and Virtual Pet Behavior Consultations
  • Functional Assessments
  • Behavior Modification Plans
  • Assessment of Pet’s Environment
  • Emergency Measure Recommendations
  • Coordination of Care With Vets and Trainers
  • Ongoing Communication With Owners
  • Referrals as Needed

What clients are saying:

“I’ve been wanting to tell you how great our [dog] has gotten since last June when you helped us. Thank you for increasing my sensitivity to his needs, and for teaching us how to calm the little bugger.”

— S.D., Client

I can now say he is a success story. This never would’ve happened without your efforts and [vet]. 10 months later he is a different dog.”

— P.C., Client

I am over the moon and consider this success! … We thank you immensely for all the tools and suggestions that you gave us. If we can ever provide a reference for you, let us know.”

— K.T., Client

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